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Social media consulting

Helping 30-40 Year Old Entreprenuers Excel On Social Media!

Personalized Strategies, Account Set Up, Courses, Coaching, Managment & Ongoing Support.

About The Founder

Alicia Ward, Social Media Consultant

Alicia has been passionate about Social Media since the day Instagram was launched, back before the algorithm was a thing and growth on Instagram simple.

A lot has changed since then and she recognized the challenges for people who don't understand how to work with the algorithm instead of against it in order to gain online exposure for their accounts.

To solve this problem, Thirty40 Media was born and we are here to help you understand how to leverage Social Media for your business/brand, take the guesswork out and save time and frustration by leaving our clients with set up accounts, and confidence on how to use it to their advantage.




What are your goals? Let's talk about it

Are you struggling with  how to grow your account, attract quality customers, and the right strategies to actually see growth from your efforts and time spent on Social Media?

  • Are you feeling frustrated with stagnant account growth?

  • Do you know the power of Social Media for business growth but have no direction on how to take advantage of it?

  • Do you have no interest in spending time on Social Media?

  • Do you feel that you have a product or service that can genuinely help people?

  • Are you concerned about wasting money and time trying to use Social Media?

  • Have you started an email list yet?

  • Are you struggling to understand paid advertising on Social Media?

  • Do you want to attract new clients who are the right fit for what you are offering?

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How I Can Help

I Have Been There, I Understand.

Social Media has become the new business card, more and more people are sourcing out the things that they want/need by searching in Instagram or other Social Media Platforms.

Not everyone is passionate to spend so much time on their phones learning how it works, you have better things to do. At Thirty40 Media we understand that and take the guesswork out of it for you, leaving you with the keys to your functioning Social Media Platforms and an understanding of how it all works


Don’t let your social media struggles stunt your growth

Are You Ready To Discover The Power It Can Have While Still Being Able To Focus On What You Enjoy Doing?

I teach effective strategies for those who struggle with Social Media so that busy Entrepreneurs can spend less time learning how it works and more time focussing on the parts of their business that they enjoy most.


Social Media Audit

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What Clients Are Saying

"I remember not even being at 500 followers yet and now having 11.5 THOUSAND!! I've received some collabs and opened my amazon store since. You helped me stay on track and catapult my business."

-Michelle Gordy

Ali has been such a ray of light for our team this past year. Her contributions from a video/creative perspective have sent our business an enormous amount of traffic. Ali is someone who constantly seeks to become the best version of herself, and she isn’t afraid to show the world the challenges she goes through in this pursuit. If Ali gets involved in a project that she’s passionate about, the sky’s the limit!

-Keegan Downer, founder of Mindful Meds.

"Alicia's consult was beyond a game changer. As someone that had an understanding of what I wanted to do with my account and brand-I had no idea of how to really do it. Alicia’s personal approach to really caring about who I was as a person and author in what I was wanting to know and put out there was refreshing and genuine! Her attention to detail when really breaking things down for me to understand was fantastic. I went from being a bit overwhelmed and shy about Instagram to now being excited and inspired by it all. I know as I continue to grow, Ali will be who I continue to work with when it comes to consulting!

- Angie Wangler, Author


Ready To Get Started?

A quick call to review your challenges and your goals with growing your account online will allow you to see if Thirty40 Media is the right fit for you.

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